Women United

Women United


An International Movement

Our Women United group is part of a robust and diverse network of more than 70,000 women in 165 communities across six countries, all dedicated to improving lives and creating stronger communities. These women make up the single most successful organization of its kind, having raised more than $1 billion since its inception in 2002 and affecting worldwide change in real ways. The contributions of these women go well beyond financial donations; they get involved, shake things up, and create positive change.


Our Women United group is focused on assuring all children are prepared for school and are given the tools to succeed in life. Our first project will be a partnership with the libraries across the Tygart Valley to improve and enhance their summer reading activities. Although we are also part of the annual fundraising campaign, our fundraising activities are all directed specifically to our Women United educational programming.

Spring Soiree

April 20, 2024
6:00 p.m.
White Hall Event Center- Fairmont

  • Dani DeVito- Chair
  • Cindy Dickey
  • Swapna King
  • Jean Schmidt
  • Christina Gouzd
  • Treasure Barberich-Wyckoff
  • Lucy Godwin
  • Kelly Stadelman
  • Amy Schumacher
  • Angela Daniels