The Fairmont Family Fund has closed. The program distributed $100,000 to residents of Fairmont to assist during these uncertain times. If you are in need of assistance, please call 211 and our Specialist will be happy to help guide you to other resources.


Are you unable to pay your rent, mortgage or utilities due to COVID-19?

The Fairmont Family Fund is designed to assist City of Fairmont households in the wake of the historic economic recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fairmont Family Relief Fund will be providing assistance for rent, mortgage and/or utilities.

  • Rent or mortgage for your primary residence
  • Electric, gas, water, sewer, landline telephone, and/or internet payments (telephone/internet must be separate expense from cable service)

Qualification Criteria

  • Must reside within the city limits of Fairmont, WV
  • Member of a household that has been financially impacted by COVID-19; and
  • Gross income at or below 80% of the Area Median Income Guidelines (see chart)

This program is designed to be a first-come, first-serve program.

Other Requirements

  • All unpaid balances will be verified and documented prior to payments being made
  • Cooperation from applicants and landlords is required
  • Utilities must be in the name of an adult living in the household or the landlord
  • Income verification documentation is required

Completing the application will take 20-30 minutes. Assistance may be spread between rent and utilities or only rent; mortgage and utilities or only mortgage; or only utilities. No assistances will be provided to the same family for both rent and mortgage. Households are only permitted to submit one application.

Apply Now


If you are unable to print the application, you can pick-up a copy at the following locations:

United Way Office 221 Washington Street
City of Fairmont Offices 200 Jackson Street
Marion County Public Library 321 Monroe Street
Fairmont-Morgantown Housing Authority 103 12th Street


Once you have completed your application, please contact the United Way at 304-366-4550 to schedule an appointment to review and submit the application.

You will need to bring required documentation with you to your appointment.

Area Median Income Guidelines

Household size

Must be at or below (80%)
























For more information or questions, contact:
Chris Yost
Program Manager
304-366-4550 Ext. 103

It is important that you have the following information gathered and ready PRIOR to starting the application.

1. Information for applicant

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • Address
  • Current phone number
  • Email address
  • Please provide a lease agreement with a third-party document that can be used to verify residency (i.e. utility bill, cancelled check with address, pay stub or ID showing the current residence address.)

2. Information for ALL additional household members

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number

3. Gross income sources and amounts for ALL household members

  • Pay stub(s) covering at least most recent 8 weeks (weekly, bi-weekly) or covering most recent month (monthly, semi-monthly).
  • 2019 Tax Return.
  • Self-certification only for unemployment and disability compensation. (Will be provided if needed)
  • Payments in lieu of unemployment and disability compensation, worker's compensation, and severance pay, and similar payments in lieu of earnings.
  • Benefits statement from agency OR One month’s bank statement demonstrating deposit(s) made from agency. Note: unemployment benefits should be included only for the period of time the applicant is actually eligible to receive those benefits.
  • Asset Income statement of asset value. (Will be provided)

4. Rent or mortgage current payment and delinquent amounts with documentation (lease or mortgage statement)

5. Landlord or mortgage company information:

  • Contact person name
  • Company name
  • Address
  • Current phone number
  • Email address

6. Utility information

  • Utility company name
  • Account number
  • Person’s name listed on the bill
  • Amount of arrearage